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Post by Admin on Mon Nov 19, 2018 1:28 pm

1. Respect others in the game and that means everyone from the DMs to the people you really can't stand.

2. Try not to shout unless you have something important to say.(Examples are 1. Your looking to sell something, 2. You are new and need a little assistance, 3. You wish to form a Party, 4. Or if you need DM assistance and no one is Answering the DM Channel.) Now All Shouts are to be one shout only and those who wish to reply must do so in a TELL and never in a shout.

3. This server is for role players as well as hack 'n' slash so try to stay in character. If someone is not RPing, leave them alone, no one is forced to Role Play here and if you're not into Role Play then please respect the ones who are and Do Not Ruin their time by making things Difficult for them.

4. You will not be booted out or banned from the game just for voicing your opinion about the mod, however you can be booted or banned if you harass people or anything that may be offensive to the masses and inappropriate. So use some better judgment.

5. PvP - Simple rules if you wish to PvP someone you must be respectful and both parties must be agree to the fight.

6. Threats against the Server or anyone Playing in it. I have heard people get mad at DMs and start shouting that they will crash the server and that will get you a one way ticket to Banville. Also making threats against other players will not be tolerated (real life threats included). But this will also get you a one way ticket to Banville.

7. Using Profanity - Ok here is the base of it all. Don't shout out cuss words, don't speak them in public, if you're going to offend someone. Just try to have some respect and don't offend anyone. If you do so you'll be warned.

8. Stealing/Pickpocket from other players is allowed, however you'll be placed in the Bounty List.

9. Spell casting in town against other players and NPC's is not allowed. So don't do it, if you do, you'll be warned. (Buffs are allowed)

10. Using known and unknown bugs in the game is not allowed, please report bugs to the DM and don't use them for your own profit, you will get banned.

11. Duping items is not allowed (item copy bug), it will get you banned and your account gets deleted.

12. Stealing drops from other player's kills is not allowed specially bosses. The person who kills the boss will have his name is shout by the boss. The killer has the right of looking into the drop first and take whatever he wants, you may only loot it after the killer is done looting or if he gives you explicit permission to do so. Note: If a player spawns a monster and is not member of a party and another player kill the monster, the player who spawned the monster has the right of the drop first. This is because some players might just walk around and give the killing blow to get the drop rights.

13. The server is english, so please talk in english. It is allowed to talk in your language in a party/tell chat channel.

14. Dungeon Masters are not responsible for losing items after a reset or crash of the server. Keep that in mind the next time the server announces a restart. Hostile behaviour towards DMs or other people be cause of your loss won't be tolerated!

15. Do NOT cheat death through exploits to prevent yourself from getting penalties. This will not be tolerated!

16. To help yourself and other players, there are some things you can do to reduce server lag as much as possible. Those are:
 - Don't drop items in cities, place them in the trash can or community chest instead;
 - Kill all monsters you spawn;
 - Try to direct connect to the server (More information on "[Info] Diablo Server Direct Connect" Journal entry);
 - Try to avoid logging in and out in a small amount of time.

17. Rushing is not allowed. Rushing means teleporting players to all waypoints from Act I to Act XI without playing the game properly (doing quests, leveling up, gearing up, etc).

18. It is not forbidden to play with your high-end gear new toons. It is nice to have high end gear but, for the best game experience, try to play with the items that drops throughout your adventure, it will give you the most balance and fun to play.

19. Do NOT give high end gear to new players. Give new players a chance to play the game in it's full experience. We can not always avoid that from happening but we don't encourage it. Items can and will be removed by a Dungeon Master when noticed.

20. Try and have fun that's why were all here for.

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