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21st/November/2018 Empty 21st/November/2018

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:43 am

- Server updated to version 8186 (v78.8186)
- Jail Level 1 will have a pin on the Waypoint's location in the minimap
- Reduced distance from enemy rest restriction from 10m to 5m
- NWSync implemented into the server
- CEP 2.65 added to the server
- Removed NWSync since it's causing problems
- Removed CEP 2.65 since it'll be a hassle for players to install it without NWSync support


Author: The NWN Community, CEP Teams, and The Amethyst Dragon

The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) is a large collection of free, community-made custom content. Most of the included material comes from content previously posted on the Neverwinter Vault sites by independent users. Additional content has come from contributors to the Custom Content Challenge, several updates from Project Q, and other content developed specifically for the CEP. Included content is organized to function properly together, with necessary updates made to models, scripts, and other files. (...)

Partial Features List:
* NPC and placeable portraits
* creature models
* scaleable creature appearances (in highlight and no-highlight variety)
* placeable object models
* waypoint models
* visual effects
* clothing and armor parts
* masks and helmets
* additional cloaks
* expanded tilesets
* additional skyboxes
* additional area loadscreens
* vast numbers of inventory icons
* weapon and shield models
* additional weapon visual effects (visible only to players using NWNCX)
* blueprints and scripts (for objects and scripted systems), importable via erf files

This update contains a major new feature called NWSync, which will allow players to easily download required content data as they join servers, without having to manually manage HAK and TLK files...

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