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Post by Admin on Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:06 am

Hello and welcome to the World of Sanctuary: Enhanced Edition

If you're new into the server, here are the links you need to look before anything else.

Server ip address: wosee.ddns.net:5121

Rules (Rules for the server, forums, discord and facebook page)

Logbook (Here's where I tell you about all the changes that are being made)

Hall of Monuments (Here's the list of people who completed the game)

Custom Content (Here's where you can find about the server's custom contents' informations)

To-do list (Here's the list of things I did, am doing and will do to the server)

Facebook page (Official World of Sanctuary: Enhanced Edition's facebook page)

Discord (Official World of Sanctuary: Enhanced Edition's Discord Server)

Patrons (Monthly donation to support me and the server)

Donators (One time donation (or monthly donation if you turn this option on) to support me and the server)

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