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21st/December/2018 Empty 21st/December/2018

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:02 pm

- Starting to repopulate the areas
- Simple scripts created (Sit, door auto close, heal, trash can)
- OnAreaEnter and OnAreaExit scripts created
- ModuleEvents Scripts created (But not fully scripted yet)
- NWNXEE (Nixie) Implemented into the module
- SQL Database implemented into the module
- Persistence Facade EE Scripts implemented into the module (Credits to: Ingmar Stieger, Adam Colon, Josh Simon, Benton, Mith and Glorwinger)
- Finished scripting the basics of ModuleEvents scripts.
- The player will lose all equipped items instead of just one on death.
- Created a Discord #nwnee-updates text channel

Thanks to niv, Liareth, Daz, sherincall, Laputian Bird, Shadooow, Urothis and BhaalM for helping and teaching me.

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