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(Important) To-do List Empty (Important) To-do List

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:29 pm

Green = Done
Red = To do
Yellow = Started

Quest start and completion applies to all members in a party
NPC To delete toons
XP Bank
Grammar correction
Better waypoint system
Better key system
Script Cleanup
Script Optimization
Sticky Combat Modes
Set Item System
Random Item Drop System
Runeword System
Diablo-like Horadric Cube System
Make the server more Spell Caster friendly
Nerf monsters so Buffers won't lose their buff on 1st hit
Nerf monsters so everyone can have their build working to it's fullest
Wanderer's Home fix (alot of missing scripts and things not working there)
More informative quest dialogs and journal entries
Charm System (bonuses just by having the item in your inventory, no need to equip it)
Interactive Mercenaries (Being able to change their loot, behaviour, etc)
Better Clan/Guild system (with clan/guild areas and NPCs)
Paragon Level System
Subrace System
Implement NWNX into the server
Imbue quests
Socket quests
Rename quests
Fix when someone dies everyone else's leave combat mode
Fix shrines stacking bonuses
Act I - Jail Level 1 Waypoint map pin
Increase player's action per round
Townportals teleport the player to the Act's town and not just Rogue Encampment
Increase ability bonus cap
Reduce distance from enemy rest restriction from 10m to 5m
Optimize spawn sizes, positions and timers
Traps will no longer stop all player's action (unless it's has CC effect)
Try to increase item stack limit
Persistent Death Count
Persistent Monsterpoints
Monsterpoints shop
Improve feats
Reduce enemies CC's duration
Implement NWSync into the server
Add CEP 2.65 to the server
Better Rest System
Remove all [Info] tagged journal entries and place them into a usuable small item
Change monsters appearances so they'll look more similar to the ones in the original Blizzard's Diablo II
Elite Packs will have a yellow glow
Add Champion Pack into the game
Champion Packs will have a blue glow
Remove Quest Master
Implement Quest Management System
Better XP system
Item durability system
Class-Specific buffs will be cast instatly (instead of requiring a full round for casting/using it)
Remove Devastating Critical from the game
Implement Toon deleter into the game
Make the Cairn Stones work the same way as the Diablo II's.
Change all portals to ones similar to Diablo II's.
Implement the Uber Diablo into the game
Implement the Pandemonium Event into the game
Recurring schedule toon cleanup (similar to Diablo II's ladder reset).

Let player know about Persistent Chest, Bank, Releveler, Toon Deleter and their locations

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